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New course: Digital photography

Av: Ali Alsam, 1.amanuensis

Today, most of the digital content which we generate and store is represented by images- still and video. We use images to document our world, to share with friends and to store as a record for future generations. The use of digital photography is, however, wider than the capture of our daily lives. Digital photography is used in classifying materials- each time you recycle empty plastic bottles photography is used to automate the process. It is used in sorting foods, in medical diagnosis, in steering robots, in analyzing distant galaxies, in art and surveillance. Here, I’m selecting a limited set of examples out of the almost infinite current and future applications.

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Independent of the application, the need for accurate photographs is paramount. In this sense we can think of a digital camera as a measuring device where the images are the measurements. The digital photography course at AITeL, aims to teach the students how to get accurate photos. How these photos can be manipulated not to diffuse reality but rather to represent it more accurately. The course introduces the students to image composition, camera controls, post-processing, printing as well as touch upon subjects such as copyrights and indexing.

Although the course has a structured lecture format, I welcome students who are interested in building a portfolio for applications to specialized photography schools. I also welcome students who are interested in exploring further studies in imaging technology. Independent of your background we can have a structure that is best suited for you. My idea is that we learn most when we are enjoying ourselves the most.

Read more about the course here.

About the teacher: Ali Alsam has a PhD in camera calibration and image processing. He has worked as a lecturer and researcher in imaging. He has also been the principle imaging scientist at the National Gallery in London and worked as a consultant for HP, the food sorting industry (not allowed to tell you which 🙂 as well as an imaging adviser for NRK. Ali is also a keen professional photographer and artist. He has held many art-shows in the U.K. and in Norway. You can see some of his work at:

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